St. Mary, Our Lady of the Snows

Family and Social Activities

For questions or additional information regarding any Family Life activities, contact the Parish Office.


Senior Dinner

The Senior Dinner is an annual event for the 'seasoned citizens' of the parish.  The event features a dinner and program hosted by the Confirmation Candidates. This event usually takes place during the month of January.

Candlelight DinnerCandlelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner is an adult evening of dinner and conversation designed to enhance relationships, as well as develop new friendships within the Parish. Babysitting is provided.  This event is usually held the second week of February.

Ash Wednesday Soup Supper

Ash Wednesday Soup Supper is a family potluck dinner prior to 7:00 pm mass.

Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out is an evening of food and fun for dads, uncles, grandfathers, friends and kids of all ages.  Usually held during the month of March.

Celebrate Moms Luncheon and Tea

Celebrate Moms Luncheon and Tea is an afternoon event of fun and food for mothers, aunts, grandmothers, friends and children of all ages.  This event is usually held the week prior to Mothers day. 

Annual Parish Fair

The Annual Parish Fair is a family fun activity that provides good times with family, friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners. There are numerous activities held throughout the weekend allowing us to provide something for the entire family. We are always in need of volunteers. Sign up weekends are held in June and July after all Masses.  The event takes place the first weekend in August. 

Murder Mystery Dinner

The Murder Mystery Dinner is an adult evening of dinner and entertainment.  Come take part in our murder mystery to figure out "Who done it!"  This event is usually held the fourth week of September and babysitting is provided.

Trunk of Treats

Trunk of Treats is a family evening of fun, food, games, haunts, and candy.  All Parishioners are invited to take part.  Approximately 100 vehicles park in the upper parking lot for this event. Parishioners decorate their vehicles, open their trunks and pass out candy to the children as they “Trick or Treat” from car to car.  It is not necessary to decorate your vehicle but, for those who wish to, trophies are awarded for the cutest, most creative, and scariest entries.  This event usually takes place the last Friday of October.

Breakfast with St. Nick

Breakfast with St. Nick is an annual event to celebrate the birth of Christ.  All children between the ages of 3-8 are invited to take part in this celebration.  The children will enjoy the Nativity Story, create a Christmas craft, have breakfast and visit with Santa Claus.  This event usually takes place the first weekend of December.