St. Mary, Our Lady of the Snows

Special Masses

Scouting Mass

Nationally, the efforts of those involved in the various branches of scouting are remembered in February. As a Parish we would like to honor scouts, their leaders and families. A scouting Mass is usually scheduled for the first Saturday in February.  Please see the calendar for the date and time of this mass.

If your child has earned a Religious medal, please contact the Faith Formation office as well to make arrangements for its presentation at Mass.  Scouts, please be sure to attend Mass in uniform.

We invite those involved in scouting to contact Janie Worthington in the Faith Formation office in order to coordinate your participation in the Scouting Mass.

AnniversaryAnniversary Mass

As a Parish family, we would like to congratulate those couples in our Parish who are celebrating their 25th and 50th anniversary. A special Mass for those celebrating is usually planned for the second Saturday of February.  We invite those couples celebrating 25 or 50 years of marriage to call Cherie Makie in the Parish Office.

Graduation Mass

All High School Graduates are cordially invited to share in a Celebration Mass & Reception given in their honor.  The Mass is usually celebrated on the last Saturday of May.

Graduates should wear their cap and gown, if available. Graduates gather in the library at 4:45 pm, just prior to the Mass and will process into Church.  They will be seated in the front pews.

There will be a reception immediately following Mass in the Parish Hall. For additional information contact JV in the Parish Office.

Memorial DayMemorial Day Mass


St. Mary Memorial Day Mass is held Memorial Day at 9:00 am at the St. Mary Cemetery, Weather Permitting.  For more information please contact Cherie Makie in the Parish Office.

Memorial Day Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, today we honor the memory of those men and women who have given their lives for their compatriots in the cause of freedom.

They have worked, fought, and died for the heritage of freedom, brotherhood, and honor that they have passed on to us.

Help us to recall that You yourself gave up Your life for all human beings in the cause of true freedom to save us from self-love and sin.

Teach us that the true meaning of peace and freedom, that the real battle must always take place in ourselves before it will be won in families and nations.

Make us keep your memory in celebration of communion and pray for the peace and freedom of the whole world.

Anointing Mass 

We get hurt.  We wear out.  The lungs, the eyes, the memory, and many of the many limbs and organs that compose us break or ache.  Gloom comes over us then: pity for ourselves, sorrow, depression, anger.  But hope can come too, and courage, and sometimes peace.

The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is a celebration in which anyone who is seriously ill can be anointed.  This also includes the elderly who become weaker, children, the mentally or spiritually ill and people facing surgery.

The most complete celebration of the sacrament is a communal one, a celebration in which those to be anointed are surrounded and supported by other members of the Christian community.  In song and in silence, with scriptures and prayers, we strengthen the bonds of love and faith.

All of this is marked and celebrated in the rites of our tradition.  With a word, and a deed, with touch and breath and spit and mud. Jesus heals those who ail.

Following the mass a luncheon is provided. Parishioners provide assistance with the mass, and luncheon itself.  Health Ministry assists with the coordination of the mass and the Funeral Luncheon assists with coordination of the lunch.

Please see the calendar for the date and time for the Anointing Mass.

Mass for the Deceased

It is part of our custom as a Church to remember the deceased during the month of November.  Nature is radiant in the fall, but the color that dazzles the eyes is the sign of the death of nature which waits the rebirth of life evident in spring. 

To remember and keep alive those we have loved and who has made our lives worthwhile, we list those whose funerals were celebrated at St. Mary during the last year. We pray for those who have died and their families and friends.

Please see the calendar for the date and time for the Mass of the Deceased.

ThanksgivingThanksgiving Mass

A mass of thanksgiving is held on Thanksgiving Day at 9:00 am.  Please join us for this special liturgy.