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RCIA Sponsorship

RCIA SponsorshipWho, ME? A SPONSOR?

Are you…












If your answer to most of the above is yes, you’re invited to consider the ministry of RCIA sponsorship in our parish.

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What does it mean- - - to be a SPONSOR?

To be a sponsor for someone who wishes to become Catholic means that you will be their:

COMPANION … by walking with the candidate on his/her faith journey, being available and willing to help whenever there is need.    In other words, a sponsor is called to be a friend whom a candidate can trust, turn to and talk things over with. showing the candidate the road to full membership in the Church.  The sponsor is not expected to teach, but should be able to discuss their faith life with the candidate.

MODEL OF giving a “good example” of what being an actively practicing Catholic is all about.  This aspect of a sponsor’s role continually challenges him/her to deepen their own faith by reflecting on and putting into practice all that an adult Catholic Christian professes to believe.

WITNESS FOR THE being willing to testify, from time to time to the candidate’s spiritual progress.  A sponsor assists the RCIA team by noting any problems, difficulties or confusion the candidate may be expecting.


How long does it take?

Christian initiation is not a program. It is the Church's way of ministering sensitively to those adults, youth and children who seek membership. For this reason some people need more time than others to prepare for the lifetime commitment that comes with membership in the Catholic Church.

But I don't feel worthy or prepared to be a sponsor.

No one is ever "worthy" of the privilege of sponsoring another. Neither is a sponsor expected to have all the answers to a candidate's or catechumen's questions. It isn't at all bad to show that a mature Catholic welcomes an opportunity to explore matters of faith. Remember, too, that our parish team is there to assist. We are all "on the way".