St. Mary, Our Lady of the Snows


The Adult Ministry of the Parish is composed of several groups, working together with the Director of Adult Faith Formation (Anita Daroczy) and the Director of Faith Formation (Colleen Gonzalez).

The groups take into consideration the spiritual, intellectual and psychological needs of adult parishioners through a variety of topics and activities that are presented throughout the year.


Alpha is a ten week program that invites participants to encounter Jesus in a new and personal way. If you already have a deep relationship with Him then this is an opportunity for you to help others to come to faith. Read more about the ALPHA experience.



A women's Catholic Bible study program with personal study and small group discussions.





Are you seeking to find God in your life?  Would you like to make a difference in the everyday lives of others?  Come join us as you gain a greater awareness of how God has made His presence known to you throughout your life.  We meet almost every Thursday morning. Join us for coffee and donuts and great conversation.  Questions, call  Mel Boomer at 248-685-2702 x201 or email 



Through the RCIA process non-baptized persons, persons baptized in another Christian denomination, and Catholics who have been baptized but never catechized, have the choice of becoming fully initiated Catholics.  Sessions take place on Sunday mornings.  Please see the calendar for specific dates and times. Read More




Spiritual Encounters is a faith program focusing on the spirituality of women.  Program encounters are selected to deepen our awareness of God in everyday life.  It is open to all women in the latter part of life.




Our Mission is to provide friendship, love and support to all women of St. Mary's Church and beyond.  We offer our Christian Ministry to all backgrounds and faiths.  We have speakers, events, outreach programs and fun to inspire, motivate, educate, and build long lasting friendships, including a personal relationship with God.  We provide ladies ages 21-121 the opportunity to grow their Christian faith in order to nurture their friends, family and children with confidence and Christian values.  We bring Joy into our lives by supporting women and nourishing our souls.  Our social activities are centered on serving others (like Community Sharing, Mission Program, etc.).  We serve with prayer for our personal special intentions.  Our guest speakers will be on Spirituality and Personal Growth, among other ideas.  Child Care will be provided at all events.  Events will be at St. Mary's unless otherwise noted.