St. Mary, Our Lady of the Snows

Intercessory Prayer Ministry



There are many ways to love one’s neighbor, but Intercessory Prayer ‘praying on behalf of other people’ has got to be one of the most powerful...


In prayer we have a “powerful weapon, capable of destroying fortresses” (2 Cor 10:4). That kind of weaponry ‘the power of prayer’ is something God invites us to use as we seek not only personal transformation but the transformation of the world as well.

Intercessory prayer is not just praying for someone else's needs, it is praying with the real hope and real intent that God would step in and act for the good of some specific other person or other entity. It is trusting that God will act, even if it's not in the manner or timing we seek. God wants us to ask, even urgently. It is casting our weakness before God's strength, and having a bit of God's passion burn in us.

Jesus was the prime example of an intercessor. He interceded in prayer that God bless and protect His followers (John 17:6-26). At the cross, He prayed for those who had Him executed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Indeed, His whole life, His whole reason for being born, was to be a living intercession, a giving of His life to span the rift caused by our rebellion against God.

What happens at a Healing Prayer Session?
A prayer minister will pray with you privately in the sanctuary to receive whatever healing God chooses to give you. You will be given the opportunity to use prayers which will help you to open more deeply to God.

Do you have a prayer request? 
Please submit your prayers below. You can remain annonymous or you can request personal prayer support from one of our Intercessory Prayer Ministers. Let us pray with you and know that you are never alone.